Facts and Functions of Caprylyl Glycol

Caprylyl glycol is also known as 1,2-octanediol. This compound contains two primary hydroxyl groups and has both bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties. It works synergistically with other preservatives and is most frequently used partnered with other preservatives for its antibacterial properties in cosmetics. This ingredient causes environmental concerns due to its link to petro-chemicals.

In addition to its anti-bacterial characteristics, 1,2-octanediol is also used as a skin conditioning agent, emollient and humectant in cosmetics. Caprylyl glycol also contributes to cosmetics as a formulation stabilizer and viscosity regulator.  It can frequently be found on the ingredient lists of facial moisturizers, anti-aging treatments, lip gloss, cleansers, foundations, concealers and sunscreens.

While there is little information available regarding the safety of this ingredient, it is important to note that it is frequently paired with other preservatives that are well established as ingredients of concern. These include phenoxyethanol and chloroxylenol among others.

Caprylyl glycol or 1,2-octanediol does perform well in a variety of functions related to cosmetics. However, research this ingredient and blends containing this ingredient thoroughly to ensure its appropriateness for your personal concerns and needs.

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